The Language of Secrets

Justin Fisher seems to have it all. A lovely wife, a healthy son, a career at a swanky hotel. What he doesn’t have however, is a memory of his childhood. He cannot seem to recall his past including his estranged parents. What comes to him is random snippets that he has trouble putting toghether.

When he returns to Southern California, where he grew up, he discovers that his parents have passed away. Upon visiting the cemetary, he can’t help but notice the tombstone next to theirs- it has his name on it. Apparently he passed away at age three. This begins  the mystery of Justin Fisher.

Justin launches into an investigation that leads him to different people, each who hold the clue of what happened in the past. Author Dianne Dixon does a wonderful job of keeping the reader interested in this windy, twisty path Justin takes to find out the truth about himself, where he came from and who he belongs to.

Dianne is a screenwriter who decided to try her hand at novel writing. I think she did a brilliant job and the book is bound to be a huge success. For more information on Dianne, The Language of Secrets and more, head to her website.

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